Teeth Whitening – $120

Cosmetic teeth whitening is the use of a combination of LED light and a specially formulated gel to help whiten teeth. In short, the combination of the light and gel will enhance the natural white in your teeth to diminish staining. Results last about 3 to 6 months depending on enamel structure and oral habits.

Gels and Materials Facts
  • Health Canada approved
  • Made in North America
  • Cool, blue LED light which is used does not cause any heat damage to the teeth
  • Mouth retractor used in common of a Vitamin E oil swab to protect the gums
  • Teeth whitening syringe used for each client to dispense what you need for each client
  • Finger teeth wipe used for the client to clean their teeth prior to performing whitening
  • The remineralizing gel used as post-treatment to reduce sensitivity
Custom Pens With Hybrid Peroxide
  • Perfect for anyone 16+
  • Ideal for those with healthy teeth and gums
Peroxide Free Pens
  • Perfect for teenagers 12-16
  • People with braces, nursing, pregnant (consult your doctor first)